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Christian T-shirts, Christian Silver Rings, True Love Waits Rings, Christian Jewelry and Fundraisers!
True Love Waits Rings, Purity Rings, Christian Silver Rings, Christian Jewelry, Drop Ship Program
Drop Ship Christian Products
If you are looking to have your Christian t-shirts or Christian jewelry items drop shipped for you, you have come to your one stop Christian drop ship source.
Why Drop Shipping?  Does It Cost Extra To Drop Ship?
Do you have a business that you would like to expand but don't have the financial resources? Are you just getting started in business and don't really know where to start? Then drop shipping may be what you are looking for. Drop shipping is a very effective way to make sales with out a lot of the normal costs associated with starting or running a traditional business. An online drop shipping program may be just what you are looking for.

  With our drop ship program you never have any sign up fees. We do not charge you a monthly fee just to belong to our program. We also do not add a service fee to each drop ship sale. Normal shipping costs apply to any order shipped within the United States. If you plan to ship internationally, you would be well advised to have a good understanding of what it takes to ship internationally. We will be glad to help with any information you need to drop ship internationally. A small service charge ($1.00) will apply to international orders only due to the extra work involved in an international drop ship sale. Once again, there are no extra fees for domestic drop ship sales.


How Does Drop Shipping Work?  Drop Shipping Is For Whom?

Drop shipping is a very simple process.
We stock the inventory and you make the sales. When a drop sale is made, you collect the full cost of the drop ship sale along with any associated shipping costs. The next step is to place your drop ship order with Eternal Light. Payment is due at the time you place your drop ship order with us. We ship out your drop ship order to your customer with your business infor- mation attached, not ours. You keep the difference between what you sold the item for and what you paid for that drop ship item.
It is really that simple.


Drop shipping is for anyone that:

  • Wants to start a home based business
  • Wants to start an online business
  • Has an eBay business
  • Wants to expand their business
  • Doesn't want to hold inventory
  • Doesn't like overhead costs
  • Stay at home mom
  • Likes to sell
  • Christian Brick and Mortar store wants online presence


We have launched a sister web site devoted soley to the Christian drop shipper. For more information on setting up a drop ship account with Eternal Light, please visit is also a complete resource for people that are looking for a Christian dropship program that will meet their drop ship needs.
  What you must do in on order to apply for and be granted a drop ship account with Eternal Light  
Please note: We only set up accounts for Faith based and Family Friendly websites. If you have any products that do not fall into these two general categories, Eternal Light may or may not grant you access to our drop ship program and/ or revoke your account. If we find that you are not selling what we call "Family Friendly" items you will be asked to stop selling our products and remove any images and descriptions that pertain to selling our products right away.
We Are No Longer Accepting
Drop Ship Accounts. Thank you.


Eternal Light
1803 Millwood Lane
Lynn Haven, FL 32444
Phone: (877) 265-8745
eFax:(860) 239-8745
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